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Why Learn Latin?

Latin, often regarded as a ‘dead’ language, offers numerous benefits to those who choose to learn it today. Firstly, Latin is the root of all Romance languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. Thus, understanding Latin can provide a strong foundation for learning these languages. It can facilitate easier vocabulary acquisition and improve comprehension of grammatical structures.

Beyond linguistic benefits, learning Latin can enhance cognitive abilities. Studies indicate that learning a second language, even a dead one like Latin, can improve memory, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Moreover, Latin offers a unique window into the Western cultural and intellectual heritage. Many influential texts in philosophy, law, theology, science, and literature were originally written in Latin. Having a grasp of Latin allows us to better appreciate and interpret these primary sources.

In the realm of science and medicine, Latin terminology is pervasive. Learning Latin can demystify complex terms, making these fields more accessible.

Finally, knowing Latin can offer an edge academically and professionally, as it signifies a unique skill and intellectual curiosity. Therefore, despite its antiquity, Latin remains a rewarding language to learn in today’s world.

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Latin may be a dead language, but nobody can say we don’t try to keep it alive! One way is by uploading a set of videos to YouTube, allowing you to work your way through the course with the jolly accompaniment of yours truly, explaining what is going on, step by step.

We thoroughly recommend using the videos in association with the range of books below. It’s like having your very own personal tutor, but one you can put on pause if you want to go off and get a cup of tea. 

Our Books

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